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I’m an emerging contemporary artist based in the city of Bath, UK. My main interests are in portraits and figures. I have a background in natural sciences, where I see my work as a type of study of the human form, fascinated by the dynamics of light and by the way colour is perceived. I couple this with a vintage soulful style, where I am inspired by the beauty in the everyday, with the millions of subtle interactions that happen all the time, all around us. I want to capture those special moments that stir emotion within us and that ultimately live with us, and incorporate this with a scientific eye for detail with my take on realism.


My medium is oil on canvas. Natural beauty in women is a theme in my art, so are cultural themes, but I am currently at a stage in my art career where I am developing and I have a lot of ideas and impulses. I have an affinity for colour and with art that feels fresh, striking and thought provoking. I want people to look at my work and feel like they see someone who has put their heart and soul into every painting. I find painting as a truly rewarding and fulfilling venture, and feel excited and energised by its possibilities.

As I progress I aim to use more of my own photography to inspire my work, where currently I use a mixture of what I research online from open sources and from my own. I am more than happy to collaborate with a photographer, please contact me if you are interested.


To purchase original paintings or prints of my work, please feel free to contact me, or:

1). For original paintings, please use the Contact page to email me with any enquiries, or go to Castle Fine Art Galleries at the following:


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